Dear Guest,

The fastest way to get to our hostel is to take a train to the main station (Dworzec Główny) directly from the airport. Train goes every 30 minutes, ticket is 9 zł (around 2 euro) – you can buy it in the train. In the train you will spend around 25 minutes.

After you go out from the train you will get to the Galeria Krakowska (shopping center connected to the train station).

Use the middle exit form  – ask about Kurniki street. In the end of this street is matejki Square, our hostel is on number 6 and call on the intercom no 9.

If you suppose that you will be after 9 p.m. please let us know by booking or call + 48 12 625 00 07

Best regards,
Roller Aparthostel